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The rainy run – Half Marathon in Monsoon

Running a half marathon during monsoons can be a very soggy idea even for the most zealous runner. Now that you cannot change the weather, so the best way to circumvent this issue is to be prepared for it. So to help the marathon runners, we have some amazing tips, ideas and life hacks to […]

Get Fit to Run

Are you fit to run?

Till yesterday you just went for a brisk morning walk.  Today you are participating in half marathon!! Whether it is an encouraging pressure group of runners or whether it is for a cause you believe in…you are in it for good. So while we raise our hands and clap, it is time for you to […]

Satish Gujaran - Running Machine

Satish Gujaran – Running Machine

Mumbai’s Satish Gujaran’s tale is that of inspiration and motivation! A popular figure among the athletes in India, Satish Gujaran says running a marathon is more a ‘Mind over Matter’ ethos. He earnestly propagates “Healthy Running” as an important part of a runner’s life. I like running…. Born for the ‘Track’ Satish Gujaran runs few [...]
Marathon Training

Marathon training in less than a month

Are you crazy? Less than a month for the marathon and you are beginning your training now ?  Even though you are looking at a half marathon, it is a fun challenge requiring half the preparation required for the full marathon. The first step to take before you prepare to train: Get your basics cleared […]